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A free college education

Having a free college education is probably the best thing the United States could do at this point. It will only benefit the economy, for there are more individuals working in better circumstances and being able to pay back the economy through taxes. After seeing the inflation rate on tuition and how it continues to increase by an outrageous amount each year worries me. It allows me to picture just how many people will be unable to attend college in the near future. The crazy thing about this situation is people think attending college is hard now, especially financially, but can you imagine how badly this situation can and is going to get? I have younger siblings who are no where near attending college anytime soon and I know they want to. How do you think they would feel if they were told they will not be able to better their lives because they cannot afford to increase their very own education. Education is a right and it is needed to succeed in this life. Allow the dreams of our youth to come true by making college free!

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